10 Reasons to Service Your Boiler Regularly

Reasons to Service Your Boiler

The Boiler in your home or office is critical equipment and it needs regular maintenance for trouble-free service. Your boiler helps you keep your home life running smoothly by providing your family with hot water when and where you need it. So, it is very important to keep your boiler healthy and working at peak efficiency for a comfortable stay in your home. Here are top 10 Reasons to Service Your Boiler Regularly

1.     Regular service makes your boiler operate safely: regular service as recommended by the manufacturer is necessary for operating your boiler safely and securely. An un-serviced boiler may damage your home and become a potentially dangerous piece of equipment with unexpected fire accidents and gas leaks.

2.     Keep your energy bills low: When you are operating your boiler, with time its efficiency comes down drastically. If you are not servicing your boiler as per the schedule given by the manufacturer, it will consume more energy to give the required amount of heat or it will take more energy but give less heat. 

This will lead to an unreasonable increase in your utility bills. 

3.     Fulfil legal requirements: If you are a landlord or a person owning a commercial establishment you are responsible legally to make your boiler work in such a way as to ensure the safety of the tenants as well as those working in your commercial establishment. So, perform periodical boiler service to comply with the law and regulations that are in force in your area.

4.     Increases the life of the Boiler: If you are performing periodical and preventive maintenance on your boiler, it remains healthy and works well without any troubles. This will vastly increase the lifetime of the boiler and it will give trouble-free service for many more years even beyond the lifetime mentioned by its manufacturer.

5.     Prevent costly repairs: When you are doing boiler service at regular intervals you will be able to know the condition of the boiler and in case any issues arise you can set it right and replace the worn-out parts and make the boiler healthy. This will prevent unexpected costly repairs.

6.     Emission of dangerous gases: Your boiler is a heating device and it can emit dangerous gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. To avoid any untoward incident due to the emission of these dangerous gases to those living in your home or your establishment you should perform periodical preventive services for your boiler to operate with high safety levels.

7.     Determine its efficiency: When you are calling an experienced and professionally trained boiler service engineer, he can inspect your boiler and find out the issues with it. When they are set right, they can guarantee its safe operation and hence periodical check-ups and inspections through trained professionals will ensure that the efficiency of the boiler is within the permitted levels. 

8.     To comply with manufacturer’s warranty conditions: When you are buying and installing a new boiler your manufacturer offers a warranty for a certain period on fulfilling certain conditions. One of the conditions will be to conduct periodical services. So, to comply with these conditions and to make use of the warranty to the boiler you have to undertake periodical services. 

9.     Get uninterrupted service: Your boiler is an equipment that works all the 24/7 throughout the year supplying you with hot water and warm air to keep you warm at all times of the Year. If you are not performing periodical maintenance and keep your boiler at the top working condition it may breakdown and leave you without hot water affecting your daily life. 

10.   Have comfortable and safe life inside your home: By performing periodical Maintenance Services on your boiler it works tirelessly keeping you warm during cold winter months and supply enough hot water for all your household purposes this will add to the comfort and convenience to your entire family. 

Thus, it is necessary to do regular servicing of your boiler and it gives you peace of mind and comfortable daily life. Call your boiler engineer and get your boiler serviced at regular intervals.

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