Benefits of Power Flushing Your Central Heating System


When your Central heating system operates for a long-time sludge and other fragments get deposited in the pipelines, radiators, heat exchangers and cause major obstructions to the free flow of hot air reducing the normal amount of its air circulation. This may damage the radiator valves, heat exchangers, valves, and seals leading to costly repairs.

To prevent this, you have to do power flush at regular intervals to maintain the efficiency of your Central heating system.

The benefits of a power flushing are:

1. It increases the life of your heating system: a clean and debris free heating system enhances the life of your entire heat circulation system lessening the chance of major breakdown of other critical components and also increases and extends the life of your boiler.

2. You can know the condition of your Central heating system: when you are doing regular Power flush you can easily prevent the formation of sludge and prevent its build-up and evaluate the condition of your entire Central heating system and install an inhibitory agent that distributes to the entire system preventing the build-up of sludge and debris maintaining the performance of the boiler.

3. Increase in efficiency: After a power flush the entire air distribution system works at peak efficiency and you can expect a 40% increase in efficiency in heating and you can forget cold radiators and noisy boilers with regular power flush.

4. Lower energy Bills: as the boiler and other components of the central heating system work at peak efficiency, you will see a considerable lowering of energy bills due to less consumption of energy.

5. Less chance of Breakdowns: when your Central heating system is power flushed regularly at set intervals as recommended by the manufacturer of the system there is a considerable increase in overall heating system efficiency and hence there is no chance of break downs saving you lot of money both in terms of service charge as well as lowering energy bills.

6. Easy and quick heating: Your radiator will get hotter and heat up more quickly as the process of power flush removes all the deposited sludge and debris blocking the way of the free flow of air as the radiator will get heated very quickly and give you more heat for increased comfort inside your home.

7. Complies with the latest Gas Regulations: Doing power flush to your central heating system is a preventive maintenance process it increases the efficiency of the overall system and this is in compliance with the latest Gas Regulations in the UK.

8. It validates manufacturer warranty: When you are installing a new boiler, you need to do to the power flushing to validate the manufacturer’s warranty to the boiler. Thus, doing the power flushes is an investment in your central heating system that will pay many times the amount you pay on it. So do power flushes as per the recommendation of the manufacturer or by your service engineer and it is the best way to get your Central heating system work at its usual level of performance and efficiency.

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