How Do I Know If My Boiler Needs Replacing?

Reasons to Service Your Boiler

Your boiler is a critical equipment in your house providing heat and hot water to your home. It has a fixed number of years as its lifetime. But it is a misconception to say that when a boiler has worked for certain years it should be replaced. With regular maintenance, your boiler can give a very long life with trouble-free service.

But still, you must know when it is time to replace your boiler when you find that your boiler is not working as it used to. here are certain signals you must understand
that it is time to replace your boiler.

1. Frequent breakdown: when your boiler begins giving troubles and makes you call out your service engineer more than two or three times in a year you must consider whether it is worth to have the boiler as the total cost of the repair charges and call out charges will come to a considerable amount besides the trouble of going without heat and hot water during the period when it is being serviced.

2. When you are spending too much on your utility bills: When you are operating a boiler that is more than seven or eight years old its efficiency comes down when you are boiler is rated – A it operates at 90% efficiency while a G rated boiler works at just 70% efficiency.
The difference in energy cost will come around 200 pounds a year. So, when you are spending too much on your energy bills you must consider replacing your old boiler.

3. When your boiler or radiators make too much noise: though it is normal for the Central heating system to make some noise unusually loud and banking sounds mean that something wrong is going on in your heating system. So, check your boiler and let your engineer find out the real cause of the sound and if it indicates that there is a major fault in your old boiler then it is time to replace your boiler with the new efficient one.

4. The colour of the flame has changed: in a gas-powered boiler the flame should be perfect blue but if you find that the flame is yellow or red then you must know that something is wrong with the ignition part of your boiler and call your engineer and let him check and if there is a major fault you may decide to replace your boiler.

5. When you smell different odours: if you smell the sulphurous odour when the boiler is running probably your boiler is leaking gas. Immediately call your service engineer and check it for any gas leak and in case your engineer reports a larger problem and the boiler is too old to repair consider replacing it.

6. When your boiler leaks water: In the normal operating condition, there should be no leakage of water from your boiler. Water comes out of the boiler due to a failed valve or a seal and may have damaged its internal parts. If your engineer evaluates the extent of damage and if it is not worth t repairing go for a new boiler.

7. When you are not able to get replacement parts: when the model of the boiler has become obsolete and it is hard to find spare parts to replace it will be hard and expensive to set right the issues and bring back your boiler to operation. In this situation consider replacing your boiler with the latest model.

8. When your Boiler is not giving its normal performance: You are used to the level of performance of your boiler all these years and suddenly you find that your boiler is not working as it used to. Something wrong with its efficiency and when it needs costly repairs you must think of replacing your boiler.

These are some of the indications that your boiler is due for replacement soon. As your boiler is an equipment that runs all the 24 X 7 throughout the year, do not hesitate to replace your boiler when you are faced with the situation that going on with your older boiler is not working anymore.

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