How Much Money Could I Save By Switching to An Energy Efficient Boiler?


How Much Money Could I Save By Switching to An Energy Efficient Boiler

A boiler is an integral part of any home or office as it supplies warm air during cold winter months and hot water for daily use. It is one of the constantly working equipment in your home.

When you are using a gas-fired boiler with a radiator you will be spending more than 50% of the energy bill for heating and hot water for your home. On average it is found that households living in a detached house in the UK spend more than 1340 pounds per year towards the fuel bill. A major part of this amount goes for powering your boiler. 

The operating efficiency of the boiler goes down with time and it will take more fuel to give the same amount of heat and hot water. This will increase the amount of money you are spending on energy and unknowingly your energy bill will be going up every billing cycle.

When your boiler is getting old, the lines that take hot air and hot water gets blocked with deposits of debris and flue leading to a drop in efficiency of your boiler. This also contributes to the increase in energy bills. 

To avoid this the best way is to change your old boiler with a new modern one that has good power ratings. In the present times, the awareness regarding Energy efficiency is everywhere and all the electrical and gas-based equipment are given energy star ratings. The equipment that has five-star ratings are considered to be very energy efficient and consume very less power to give their output. But that equipment that has fewer energy star ratings will make you spend more money on your utility bills. 

Your old boiler may not be energy star rated if possible, change it to a new boiler with a 5-star energy rating and change the controls in your radiators and try to incorporate the latest Smartphone apps to control your boiler to save energy. 

The new condensing boilers are good for your home by helping you get all the hot water and the warm air with a fraction of the cost you are spending now on your old boiler. The condensing boilers do not allow residual heat to go out as flue and with their large heat recovery system, they collect most of the heat energy and use it for heating your home or giving hot water. So, to save on energy bills change your old non-condensing boiler to a new 5- star rated condensing type of boiler. 

Many studies have revealed that when you are having an older G-rated boiler and convert it to your modern- rated boiler you can save up to 340 pounds a year. In larger homes, the savings go up to 570 pounds a year. 

So, see if your energy bill is within your expected levels, and if you find that it is going up you have to change your boiler and get a more energy-efficient energy star rated condensing boiler to bring down your rising energy bill.

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