How to tell if your commercial boiler needs replacing

commercial boiler

During summer months we don’t need the services of the commercial boiler and we usually do not pay more attention to it. But when the climate outside becomes cold we need hot air to keep us comfortable in our home or office

Day After day your boiler works tirelessly to keep you comfortable and convenient even when the temperatures drop outside. With time, your boiler gets worn out and needs regular service to extend its useful life.

Here are some indications to know that your boiler requires immediate attention and prompt servicing

  1. No recent servicing:  when you have not serviced your commercial boiler recently and still it is working well it does not mean that it will work forever like that. It is time now to do servicing of your boiler so that it can continue to give a wonderful service it is used to give
  1.  Clogged filters: filers in your Boiler get clogged often hindering the free movement of air and it may lead to the burdening of the boiler with the additional load. You have to clean the filter and if you find that the filter is getting dirty are and gets clogged more often you need to call your service engineer to have a look at the entire system to prevent costly repairs later.
  1.   Spring leaks: When a boiler begins to spring leaks, it is a clear indication that something wrong is going on inside. So, do not neglect any leaks and immediately call your service engineer and get him to inspect the boiler to find out what is wrong and take preventive measures early so that your boiler can give trouble-free service for a long time
  1.   Poor Energy Efficiency: When you find that your boiler is not operating at its peak efficiency and is consuming more energy to give the usual amount of heat or gives less amount of heat consuming more energy, then it is high time that it must be serviced by a trained professional. High energy

costs will be the way of life if you neglect the servicing of your boiler at the right time

  1.  Slow heating: When you find that your boiler is not heating up fast as it used to be you must see what is happening in the boiler. So, call your boiler engineer and let him find out the fault and set it right before any costly repairs land on your hands
  1. Gives operating issues you have to get ready for boiler service if you find that your boiler is giving operating issues like keeping one room hot and others cold and finds it difficult to maintain a uniform temperature throughout your home
  1.  When you begin hearing noises: When your Boiler begins making unusual sounds you must know that it is not working as usual and you have to find out what abnormality is growing in your boiler operation. The best way is to call your boiler engineer and rectify it at the earliest.

Thus, take note of the signals of your boiler and arrange for servicing so that you are boiler continues to give t and convenience to your home for a long time to come.

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