Why Should I Upgrade My Boiler?

Upgrade My Boiler

Why should I upgrade my boiler? Boilers are the heart of your heating system and they are built for long life. They can work for many years with little care, periodic maintenance and prompt boiler repairs. Still, you may want to go for a new boiler installation to enjoy modern features and technological improvements in the new line of modern gas boilers.

Upgrade My Boiler

Here are some of the most important reasons that will clear your question: Why should I upgrade my boiler even if it is working perfectly:

Save Money On Gas Bills

Your older boiler might have become too old and lost its overall efficiency. It might have become a gas guzzler. This leads to higher gas bills and makes you spend more money on fuel. In this circumstance, you can save money on gas bills by replacing your old boiler with a combo new boiler that is more efficient and sleek looking. The new boilers come with upgraded boiler controls and give more heat for every penny you spend on your heating needs.

You Get Enhanced Reliability

When you replace your old boiler that has worked for many years, you can get a good reliable boiler with added features. Your old boiler becomes less reliable with passing age and you may not know when it will break down. It also makes you spend large amounts of money on boiler repairs. But when you go for a new boiler installation you can be assured of trouble-free and better performance with modern controls by going for a new boiler installation. This will also help you save money with its higher level of operating efficiency.

You Can Avoid Costly Repairs

A gas Boiler is a critical piece of equipment in your home and you cannot live without it working properly. When you are still using a very old gas boiler it needs more maintenance and breaks down often calling for costly repairs. To avoid your dependence on an old unreliable gas boiler that needs lots of money to keep it going, it is more prudent to go for a new gas boiler installation.

Old Boilers Are Less Efficient

The older non- condensing gas boilers you are operating now are designed to operate at 60 to 70% efficiency and this will come down as your boiler gets older. This means that you are spending more than 30 to 40% more for your heating and you can save money by going for new modern and more efficient gas boilers that can operate at more than 90% efficiency.

Ability To Control Your Heating Through Your Smartphone

All the new and modern gas boilers come with smart controls that can be operated through smart phone apps. The modern-day digitally programmable and virtually controllable gas boilers will give many new features and help you optimize the operation of your gas boiler in many ways. They help you use the boiler more efficiently and avoid wasteful running of it thereby helping you to save money on your gas bills.

Apart from this to get the ability to set up multi-zone heating, to have separate controls for heating and hot water, get hot water whenever you want, have pleasant heating with modern thermostatic controls, avoid the use of massive and bulky water tanks, and have a stylish looking gas boiler you have to go for a new gas boiler installation.

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